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Combination Units

All-in-one Combo Buildings with Stadium Lighting

HD Combination Units with stadium lights are the best way to maximize your lease and get the most out of your project budget. These cost effective units come with many extras but not extra loads to keep your transport cost to a minimum and reducing your environmental footprint. In one unit you have everything from power supply, lighting, sewage, garbage storage, internet and men's and ladies washrooms and shower units. When you rent a combination unit you also get set up and maintenance peace of mind. HD supplies qualified people and materials to get you up and running the day the equipment is delivered and ongoing support for the duration of the project. HD Energy Rentals prides it's self on their attention to detail and customer service.

Combination Unit Features

  • 2 - 100KW generators
  • Safety showers
  • His/her flush washrooms
  • 2 - 50' Masts with 32 - 1000 watt lights
  • Internet dish and cell booster
  • 2 - 1000 gallon transportable fuel tanks
  • 11m3 sewage storage and lift pumps
  • 8m3 fresh water storage
  • Pressure washer

HD Energy Rentals also has smaller combination units with recycle, his/hers washrooms, generator, light mast and fuel tank. Call us for more information or to have one on your next location.

large combination unit with his and hers flush washrooms

Large combination unit.

large combination unit with light mast extended

Combination unit with light masts up.

mini combo unit with his and hers washrooms, light mast, quiet pac generator

Mini Combination Unit. Smaller package same great features.

combination unit on location

Combination unit on location