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Project Lighting Skids with Stadium Lighting and Power Towers

An "all-in-one solution" for lighting, power supply and fuel storage. These all-in-one units come with 2 - 50’ masts, a 100kw 208 volt 3 phase generator and fuel tank. There are no out riggers required with this unit and is engineered to stand winds up to 100kph/60mph. This unit comes on one load and can supply power and lighting to your entire lease. HD Energy Rentals also supplies qualified field hands to set-up and answer any questions you may have on the maintenace and capabilities of the unit. Make the most out of your lease space on your next project. Save time and money on transport while minimizing your projects' carbon footprint.

Project Light Skid

  • 32,000 watts of lighting on 2 - 50' masts
  • Lights can be aimed individually and light rack can be rotated from the ground for pinpoint lighting
  • 100kw 208 volt 3 phase generator leaves lots of power for other uses
  • 2 distribution panels with numerous plug options at each end of the 45' skid
  • 660 gallon/2985 litre transportable fuel tank for long run time
  • Optional pump and hose available
  • UN transportable fuel tank
  • Quiet Pack Generator, for low noise pollution
  • No outriggers or guy wires required
  • Engineered to with stand winds up to 100kph/60mph


  • 32 - 1000 watt lights 2 - 50' hydraulic masts
  • Light rack rotated from ground


  • 100kw 208 volt 3 phase quite enclosure 75db
  • 2 - 400 amp distribution panels with assortment plugs
  • Safety shut downs


  • Diesel 660 gallon 2985 litre
  • UN transportable tank
  • Pump and hose optional

Power Towers and Light Towers

Our Power towers come with two sizes of fuel tanks 1400 or 2000 litre tanks. Our equipment goes through regular maintenance checks and oil changes to reduce down time on site.

Power Tower Features

  • 21/23 KW light towers with 1400 or 2000 litre fuel tank
  • 20 KW light towers
  • 8 KW light towers
  • 60 Kw generators