Lease Equipment

HD Energy Rentals in Grande Prairie, Hinton and Ft. St. John carries all the accessories and extras you will need to get your lease running smoothly.

We carry extra fuel tanks, 1000 gallons, fire suppression kits for the dry summers, Honda™ water pumps, down hole tools. In addition we also have for rent spool and DSA flanges in the most used sizes all inspected and certified, clean out equipment, chokes and valves, assorted well servicing equipment. HD Energy also has light and heavy transport options to get our equipment there when you need it. Our qualified staff and truck drivers are aware of HD’s attention to detail and make sure the job is done right and to your satisfaction.

Assorted Items
  • FUEL TANKS: 1000 gallon enviro fuel tank comes with transfer pump and hose
  • FIRE SUPPRESSION KITS: Mobile trailers c/w pump, hoses and accessories
  • WATER PUMPS: 3″ Honda water pumps
  • TOOLS: Hammer or combination wrenches
We have spools and DSA flanges in the most used sizes.
  • 7 1/16″10M x 7 1/16″ 5M DSA
  • 7 1/16″x 4 1/16″x 10M DSA
  • 4 1/16″x 3 1/16″x 10M DSA
  • 4 1/16″, 10M x 7 1/16″, 5M DSA
  • 4 1/16″, 10M x 7 1/16″5M spool
  • 4 1/16″, 10M x 2 1/16″10M flow cross
  • 4 1/16″, 10M bottom hole test cap
  • 2 1/16″, 10M x 2 1/16″5M DSA
  • 2 1/16″, 10M x 1502 x -over
  • 2 1/16″, 10M x 602 x -over
  • Delivery and pick up of HD’s equipment
  • Tandem axle 30ft. trailer
  • 30 tonne folding boom picker with deck winch and Tridem trailer
  • Tridem Texas Bed and Tridem Trailer
Clean Out Equipment
  • Safety swivels
  • 44,500 daN tubing swivels
  • 60.3 mm slim hole safety valves
  • Remote valve actuators
  • 2″x 35 Mpa hoses
Chokes and Valves
  • Adjustable 2″x 10M choke
  • 5M & 10M Gate valves
  • 23/8, 27/8″, 31/2″ x 5M threaded Gate valves
  • 31/2″ Safety valves
Well Servicing Equipment
  • Casing scrapers
  • Cross over subs
  • Casing swab mandrels
  • Hydraulic pack-off
  • Mission shallow slips
  • 31/2″ Tubing elevators
  • MYT slip type elevators
  • 23/8 offset pipe rams
  • 31/2″ Foster 5493 tong dies

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